110 PCS Solder Seal Wire Connectors


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Revolutionary Solder And Seal Technology - Simply place the stripped wires into the solder sleeve and apply heat. The solder rings will flow and the insulation tubing will shrink down, providing a waterproof seal.

IP67 Waterproof - Made with dual-walled heat shrink tubing tubing, a hot melt adhesive inside and polyolefin tubing on the outside, our solder sear wire connectors prevent wire corrosion and ensure waterproof finish.

HANDY wiring solution for hard-to-reach areas - No crimping is required for Wirefy solder and seal electrical terminals. You can easily use these solder seal butt connectors in limited space areas.

No more burns in the heat shrink tubing - Wirefy connectors are made with thicker heat shrink tubing and a low temperature solder sleeve. High quality components prevent solder melting through the heat shrink tubing.

Color-Coded for Easy Identification - Wirefy solder seal connectors are color-coded. The wire size chart on the box is there to help you easily determine the right connector. Simply, measure your wire, and choose the matching connector from the box.

Compliant with all relevant standards - Our solder seal wire connectors comply with ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards.

solder seal connectors red blue yellow white wirefy
solder seal connectors low melting temperature color adhesive heat shrink tubing polyolefin
super flexible solder seal butt connectors no crimping
IP67 waterproof solder seal connectors marine humid environment resistant

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great product

I tried using it for our semi bumper that has amber lights and never thought that the result is amazing! It even worked perfectly when used with a heat gun. Another great product I highly recommend.

Good one

It worked as advertised. Give some practice on a couple of pieces before the actual work, but it is really amazing to use for fixing wires. I have been connected several wires since I bought it and gave nothing but a great result. Recommended!

Like it

I total like it! I used these connectors to seal the wiring connections for my ATV. It looks great and I am getting no problem since then. I will surely buy again. Thanks.

Super-positive feedback

I am pleased with the results! I am very much competent in using solder iron, but using this product makes the task very easy. It has a very strong splice. Plus, it seems waterproof. With high humidity, I experience no issue at all. This product deserves more than just a positive feedback. Try them out!

Easy to use

Works great! I have been using them to connect small wires to a larger wire. I also tried using it for both small wires. The connectors shrink to hold those wires. Using these connectors has never been so easy! I have bought two more sets, just in case.