180 PCS Heat Shrink Tubing Kit - Black

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3:1 SHRINK RATIO - Recovers to 1/3 of its original diameter, and makes a tight seal. Eliminates the problem of 2:1 tubing not shrinking tight enough.
GLUE INSIDE - When heat is applied, adhesive comes out and seals the connection, creating waterproof and long-lasting insulation.
VARIETY OF SIZES - We have included 7 most commonly used diameters ranging from 3/32" to 3/4". Shrink tubing is precut to 3.5 inches.
EASY TO USE - Simply slide heat shrink tube over your connection point and apply heat. Professional connections made in seconds.
DUAL WALL TUBING - Outer wall provides abrasion resistance. Inner wall creates waterproof seal and strain relief.
wirefy heat shrink tubing
Wirefy heat shrink tubing kit 180 pcs black 3:1 shrink ratio adhesive lining

wirefy cross-linked polyolefin
wirefy heat shrink tubing 3:1 shrink ratio adhesive lining waterproof properties

Customer Reviews

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tim ortiz
180 piece shrink tube

Rapid shipping. Quality shrink tube in nice case. I used to repair a broken antenna on a gps , really adheres to products. Nice !

Richard Gora
Seal kit

When you need a sealed connection this is what you need!!!

Super Stuff

I have already used this to repair a broken earpiece on a pair of prescription glasses. The earpiece was broken in two pieces. Placed a sewing needle approximately half and half on each part. Then I slid the smallest size tubing that would go over the parts. Used a heat gun to shrink and activate the glue. Then added a longer piece of larger tubing over the first one and shrunk that one. Glasses are holding great so far.
Next, I plan to use the kit in a more traditional manner and replace 6 bulb sockets on my Chevy truck. The glue helps waterproof the connections and this stuff is thick walled to protect the connections. So far, an excellent value. Nothing negative to say.

Anthony Pitalo

As advertised, fast shipping and reasonably priced.

Daryll Berna
Great heat shrink.

The heat shrink worked much better than the thin competitor brand.
I will buy it again when this runs out.