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Heat Shrink Connector Assortment

Butt splices, spades, rings, hooks, and forks, all in a versatile and organized box. Think like a pro and always have all the terminals you need in one box with Wirefy heat shrink connector kits.

Crimping Tool for Heat Shrink Connectors

This tool works best with heat shrink connectors and provides rock-solid crimps. Professional-grade crimping die combined with an efficient ratcheting mechanism makes any crimping project much easier to complete.

Wirefy Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

Wirefy heat shrink butt connectors are crafted from high quality tinned copper barrels in combination with dual wall heat shrink tubing with adhesive inside. These electrical connectors ensure strong crimps, and seal any wire from the elements.

T Tap Wire Connectors

T Tap wire connectors and matching male spade terminals that will last for numerous wiring projects. Whether your electrical projects are automotive, marine, scientific, or home, you can tap into any wire this Wirefy T Tap connector kit.

Heat Shrink Male/Female Spade Connectors

Quick Disconnects Where You Need Them: Make connections that can be disconnected in seconds. Use these spade quick disconnects in boat, car, motorcycle, home, stereo, and auxiliary lights installation projects.

Solder Seal Wire Connectors

A waterproof seal is created easily by placing stripped wires into the solder sleeve and applying heat. Solder seal wire connectors work excellently in limited-space areas, as solder and seal electrical terminals do not need crimping.

How To Use Our Products

How To Use Wirefy Solder Seal Wire Connectors

How To Use Wirefy Heat Shrink Wire Connectors

What People Are Saying

''Before Wirefy I was purchasing poor products at high costs. A coworker let me borrow his heat shrink crimping tool and I had to order one for myself. I’ve used it for over a year with not one issue. I’ll continue to shop here for wiring needs.''
Allen Brennar from Austin, TX
''I got solder seal wire connectors from Wirefy for Christmas. I was skeptical when I saw the price (much cheaper than anywhere else). I’ve used them for 6 wiring projects in under a month and haven’t run into any problems. Thank you!''
Michael Shafer from Tulsa, OK
''This is my third time ordering heat shrink connectors from Wirefy. They work excellent. Next on my list is the crimping tool for nylon connectors. Everything here is a must-have for electricians that are constantly working.''
Hector Lovato from Farmington, NM
''I’m a long-term returning customer and always refer my friends to Wirefy for the best products. My reviews are always honest and 5 stars every time. Best connectors, crimping tools, and easy to use. Thanks again Wirefy!''
Chris Weber from Colorado Springs, CO