Solder Seal Wire Connectors Kit

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110 PCS Kit110 PCS Kit


50 PCS Kit50 PCS Kit


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Revolutionary IP67 Waterproof Solder & Seal Technology - A waterproof seal is created easily by placing stripped wires into the solder sleeve and applying heat. Dual-walled heat shrink tubing with hot-melt adhesive prevents wire corrosion, and you will never have to worry about water damage.

Thicker Tubing To Prevent Burns - A low-temp solder sleeve with thicker heat shrink tubing prevents solder melting through the insulation tubing.

Color-Coded And Compliant With All Standards - For easy identification, the connectors are color-coded along with a handy wire size chart located on the box. Connectors comply with ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS, and CE standards.

An Amazing Solution For Hard-To-Reach Areas - Solder seal wire connectors work excellently in limited-space areas, as solder and seal electrical terminals do not need crimping.

In an innovative fashion, Wirefy has set the bar high for solder seal wire connectors, and how easily and efficiently they can be used. With a 110 piece kit or a 50 piece kit, you’ll always have the revolutionary connectors you need for any wiring project you have in mind.

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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Serreyn
Solder seal but connectors

These thing are great. Seam to hold tight this good weather resistance. I will be buying more.

Matthew Humphreys
Seemed to go OK.

The first thing I did with these was to try something unconventional by joining 3 wires. It seemed to go pretty well. There must be some better trick to joining the wires before soldering, even with only 2, because it's not easy to keep them together until the heat gets to them, especially in awkward installation locations.

solder connectors

veary impressed a++++

Robert A Miller
The connection may need more solder

The connections could use more solder

Michael Hebert
Work very well!

These connectors work really good and are easy to work with! Worked really good in small spaces such as my motorcycle headlight assembly!! Highly recommend!