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Heat Shrink Wire Connectors 

Wirefy is offering the most versatile heat shrink wire connectors on the market. In our electrical connector assortments we’ve included an extensive selection of the most common terminal types: butt connectors, rings, forks, hooks, male/female spade terminals. We offer each connector type in 3 industry standard sizes: red (22-16 AWG), blue (16-14 AWG) and yellow (12-10 AWG).

Our wire connector kits will supply you with the highest quality crimp terminals that will last for numerous wiring projects. Wirefy heat shrink wire connectors are commonly used in marine, automotive, RC, motorcycle and home electrical projects.

Heat Shrink Wire Connectors are Superior to Vinyl and Nylon Electrical Terminals

Unlike their vinyl and nylon counterparts, heat shrink wire connectors seal the wire from harsh marine and automotive environments. Heat activated adhesive provides additional protection against strain, abrasion and vibration.

Heat shrink butt connectors are waterproof. Ring, fork, hook and spade connectors are weatherproof. 

Heat Shrink Connectors Are Super Easy to Use

Wirefy heat shrink connectors turn any electrical wiring job into a fast and highly efficient process. Simply crimp your electrical terminal and apply heat. Professional grade electrical connections can be made in seconds. For best results we recommend using a heat gun.

Crimp Heat Shrink Connectors Crafted from Premium Components

Pure Tinned Copper. We manufacture our crimp heat shrink connectors from pure copper for maximum current flow and minimal voltage drop. The tin coating protects your electrical connections against corrosion.

Brazed Terminal Barrels. Our brazed seam terminal barrels are superior to typical butted barrels because they do not split when you crimp them. Brazed seam terminal barrels ensure your crimp is rock solid, and the wire will not pull out of the splice.  

Advanced Heat Shrink Tubing. Heat shrink tubing shrinks to 1/3 its original size, ensuring the tight and secure insulation for every connection. Heat activated adhesive creates impervious seals to salt water, oil, acids, dust and sunlight. These heat shrink terminals require a lower amount of heat, which reduces the risk of melting the wire insulation. We recommend using a crimping tool designed specifically for heat shrink connectors to avoid damaging heat shrink insulation when crimping.  


  • Pure tinned copper terminals for maximum current flow
  • Thick brazed barrels for strong crimps
  • 3:1 Heat shrink recovery ratio
  • Heat activated adhesive inside the heat shrink tubing
  • Heat shrink tubing recovery temperature: 260 F
  • Low temperature heat shrink tubing recovery ensures no wire damage
  • Dual wall heat shrink tubing for maximum protection
  • Compliant with ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards
  • Convenient storage case for quick access 


  • Increased current flow
  • No voltage drop
  • Super strong wire grip
  • All connectors are easy to crimp and will not split
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Greater tensile strength
  • Resistant to abrasion, stretch and vibration
  • All materials used in our electrical connectors are heat resistant
  • Translucent tubing allows to inspect your connections
  • Color-coded with wire gauge imprint: easy to pick the right connector size 

Start making electrical connections like a professional, get Wirefy heat shrink connectors today!

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