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180 PCS Heat Shrink Tubing Kit - Black
Erick Diaz Nicaragua Aereo

180 PCS Heat Shrink Tubing Kit - Black

I2 dies for MC4 always crushes ferrule in 14AWG opening

I have wasted 6 MC4 ferrules trying to connect them to 14AWG wire using the I2 dies. They always end up mashed and deformed. I finally succeeded using the middle opening (labeled 12AWG). That seems to form the proper crimp that looks as expected and seems to hold firm. Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else experienced this? It is almost as though the die is not sized properly for 14AWG. I was using MC4 connectors from 2 different manufacturers, each sold as being suitable for 14AWG-10AWG.

120 PCS T Tap Electrical Wire Connectors Kit

Great deal on quality cable.

I went directly to the vendor NOT Amzn to make the purchase. Same price. Shipped quick.

Great, but missing some dies

I just bought this tool with 5 dies that match most of my needs and it works great. The tool itself is sturdy, nice to grip (for my hand size) and easy to release (all things I have had issues with with similar crimp tools), the dies I have used (A3, C, D) have been pretty much flawless (a little paint that wasn't centered for the A3 one - who cares).
However, I would really _love_ to see a "C1"-die for smaller dimensioned open barrel terminals, such as for dupont and JST-PH. I am sorely missing those dies before I can get rid of my old crimp tools.

Butt connectors 18-22 AWG

The middle guide pieces must be noticeably for using the tool correctly

Great product

Thanks for an awesome product!

Tool works great! Just got through with a project using it. The crimps were much better than I was getting with normal tools. It provided a lot of confidence that the connectors will last a long time due to the quality of the crimp. One improvement would be appreciated. Needs a better release mechanism should one want to stop mid-way to reposition the connector or wire or restart the process. Once the tool latches on the first notch, it seems difficult to release it unless pressed to the full crimp position.

Heat Shrink Spade Connectors - Spade Terminals

Should have Purchased Long Ago

Perfect tool with quickly changed dies and a good "feel" for proper crimping.
I will also be purchasing terminals and connectors from Wirefy as they look to be of better quality than what's typically available these days.

Heat Shrink Tubing Kit

Excellent quality. Perfctly sized for splices, repairs and general insulating needs.

4:1 shrink wrap is great

I will be using this 4:1 shrink wrap to test its longevity and strength.

Excellent terminal connectors

I used Wirefy 12-10 heat shrink connectors when installing a new charger/converter in my Aliner camper. I tried every connection using these connectors and they worked perfectly. Easy to install, they connect solidly and stay connected.
I just ordered some more Wirefy terminal connectors for another project. Highly recommended.

My First Real Crimper

Kits come with many more dies than I need, so I just got the pliers and a couple dies. Changing the dies is easy and they align themselves as they Should. I’ve only tried it a couple times but I think it’s going to work out good.

Non-Insulated Butt Connectors

The Wirefy connectors are excellent quality, easily as good as the mil-spec parts I usually buy. Glad I found them!

Heat Shrink Spade Connectors - Spade Terminals

Great product


Does what its supposed to do

The tool becomes and little uneasy when under full crimping pressure and grips shift a little laterally, but it doesn't effect the performance of the tool... just your confidence in it

Wirefy Crimpers

These crimpers are awesome! I am very pleased with the quality and it is so easy to change out the dies. Great tool!


good quality product

Great Crimp Tool

Works great and easy to use as a Rookie

My A&P/ IA approved my work !

Heat Shrink Tubing Roll - 3:1 Shrink Ratio - Black - 50 Ft

Very handy tool.