540 PCS Heat Shrink Wire Connectors

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  • ALL THE HEAT SHRINK WIRE CONNECTORS YOU NEED - Rings, butt splices, spades, hooks, and forks.
  • SUPER STRONG CRIMPS - Crimp connectors have thick copper barrels to tightly grip any wire.
  • EXCELLENT WIRE CONTACT - Heat shrink connectors use tinned copper barrels for highest conductivity.
  • EASY TO SHRINK - Low temperature heat shrink tubing recovers with less amount of heat.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - All Wirefy electrical connectors are backed by our best-in-class warranty.
  • NOT SEEING THE CONNECTOR YOU NEED? - Explore our other heat shrink wire connectors kits here.


wirefy products connectors heat shrink non-insulated non insulated tubing lug copper butt ring fork
120 PCS Heat Shrink Connectors Rings Butt Fork Spade Terminals kit
Wirefy heat shrink connectors pure tinned copper brazed seams strong crimp solid barrelMarine grade heat shrink connectors advanced tubing 1:3 ratio hot melt activated adhesive dual wall

Heat Shrink Wire Connectors: Super Versatile Assortment

Wirefy is offering the most versatile heat shrink wire connectors kit on the market. In this assortment, we’ve included an extensive selection of the most common terminal types: butt connectors, rings, forks, hooks, male/female spade terminals. You will find each connector type in 3 industry standard sizes: Red (22-16 AWG), Blue (16-14 AWG) and Yellow (12-10 AWG).

Heat Shrink Wire Connectors are Superior to Vinyl and Nylon Electrical Terminals

Unlike their vinyl and nylon counterparts, heat shrink wire connectors seal the wire from harsh marine and automotive environments. Heat activated adhesive provides additional protection against strain, abrasion and vibration.

Heat Shrink Connectors Are Super Easy to Use

Wirefy heat shrink connectors turn any electrical wiring job into a fast and highly efficient process. Simply crimp your electrical terminal and apply heat. Professional grade electrical connections can be made in seconds. For the best results we recommend using a heat gun (helps to distribute heat move evenly) and a crimping tool designed specifically for heat shrink connectors (prevents damages to heat shrink insulation when crimping).

Heat Shrink Electrical Connectors: A Multitude of Applications

Heat shrink wire connectors are commonly used in marine, automotive, RC, motorcycle and home electrical projects. They come super handy in the harsh environments that require additional protection from moist, dust, stretch, heat and chemicals. These professional shrink connectors will last for decades, preventing corrosion and ensuring maximum current flow.

Heat Shrink Connectors Benefits: 

- Maximum current flow over the lifetime of your electrical wiring
- Tinned copper for protection against corrosion
- Brazed terminal barrels for strong crimps
- 3:1 Heat shrink ratio for a tighter wire grip
- Heat activated adhesive for environment seal
- Dual wall insulation tubing for maximum protection
- Low tubing recovery temperature (260 F) ensures no wire insulation damage
- Translucent tubing allows to inspect your connections
- Professional storage case for easy access and storage

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Randal Erler
Heat shrink connectors

The service was great I ordered on Wednesday and received on Friday. The connectors and crumpet are great quality. I will be ordering more

Kurt Harmoning


Brad Mccracken
Looks great.

Although I’ve not used them yet, they look to be a better product than most others I’ve used. Looking forward to seeing how the work.

Shari Cooley
Great service

Order was exactly what I needed! These products Rock!

Edmund T Paluch Iv
Heat shrink connectors

Worked great won’t use any other brand connectors easy to use