Tinned Copper Wire Lugs

30 PCS - 6-2 AWG30 PCS - 6-2 AWG


60 PCS - 10-4 AWG60 PCS - 10-4 AWG


120 PCS - 10-4 AWG120 PCS - 10-4 AWG


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HEAVY DUTY LUGS - Made with thick gauge high quality copper, these battery lugs hold crimp very well.

PREVENT CORROSION - A thin layer of tin will protect your copper lug terminals from corrosion caused by harsh environments.

CAN BE CRIMPED OR SOLDERED - These battery lugs can be crimped or soldered to the wire cable ends depending on your preference.

MOST POPULAR SIZES INCLUDED - This versatile variety of wire lugs will work with 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 gauge wires (selection depends on the chosen kit). We included 1/4" and 5/16" ring eyelets for each of the wire gauge sizes.


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Customer Reviews

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Good for Car, Bad for Marine

The connectors are plenty fine for the Auto industry and can be used for battery post terminals, stereo installs etc.
They also will work for some Marine usage but NOT for the battery bank. Considering the amperage that your battery bank has you may still want to seek a much higher quality for your AGM/LifePo connections. If you are looking at using them on the alternator terminal (50 amps) or perhaps your refrigerator unit, these should be fine. Again, High Amperage means you need plenty of connection surface on the cable. These simply are NOT that high of a contact surface to hold up in the marine environment.
I will saving these to fix the cars, NOT the boats.

Andrrighetti LLC

All of the products exceeded my expectations the personnel was very caring and on target I recommend them for all of their products very highly


Look and perform great


Great good quality!

Just what i need

These wire lugs r great, i use em, all the time, i will order agin thks,,👍⚡️