Wirefy Individual Crimping Dies


A - For Insulated Nylon ConnectorsA - For Insulated Nylon Connectors


A1 - For Heat Shrink Butt ConnectorsA1 - For Heat Shrink Butt Connectors


A4 - For Insulated Flag ConnectorsA4 - For Insulated Flag Connectors


A5 - For Heat Shrink ConnectorsA5 - For Heat Shrink Connectors


B - For Non Insulated TerminalsB - For Non Insulated Terminals


C - For Open Barrel TerminalsC - For Open Barrel Terminals


D - For Ferrule TerminalsD - For Ferrule Terminals


E - For RG Type Coaxial CableE - For RG Type Coaxial Cable


I2 - For MC4 Solar ConnectorsI2 - For MC4 Solar Connectors


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  • Lifetime Warranty

  • PERFECT CRIMP EVERY TIME - Our crimping dies will ensure strong crimps without damaging terminal insulation or terminal barrel.
  • PRECISION CRIMPING DIES - High precision technology allows to achieve excellent crimping accuracy.
  • CHANGE CRIMPING DIES IN SECONDS - Patented magnetic locking mechanism allows to swap crimping dies effortlessly.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY - Use multiple crimping dies with a single crimping tool. Create your own versatile crimping tool set.
  • COMPATIBILITY - Individual crimping dies will work with Wirefy crimping tools with magnetic locking mechanism: Wirefy-CRMP-ND and our Crimping Tool Sets. These dies are not compatible with the fixed die crimping tools.


    Wirefy Individual Crimping Dies For Insulated Nylon, Heat Shrink Connectors, Nylon Flag, Non Insulated, Anderson, Open Barrel, Ferrule, Coaxial Cable and MC4 Solar Terminals


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    wirefy quick change crimping dies for insulated nylon heat shrink butt flag connectors
    wirefy quick change crimping dies for heat shrink non-insulated anderson powerpole open barrel terminals
    wirefy quick change crimping dies for ferrule terminals
    wirefy quick change crimping dies pick the dies you need build your own crimping tool kit

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    No 10-12 die for flag terminals

    Does wirefy make a 10-12 flag terminal for the crimper?

    Terminals got stuck in die C

    I bought the Wirefy crimper set a few months ago and used it for the first tim today on 2.8mm female spade open barrel terminals using the smallest die "C" opening. While the crimps were adequate, the terminals got stuck in the die every time and had to be pried loose. I've never had that problem before with an open barrel crimper, and I suspect a design flaw in the die. Overall, the crimper seems to be good quality and ruggedly made, and I like the way the dies interchange.


    Easy to change and snug fit


    First time that I crimped fitting and didn't have to redo it.