Individual Heat Shrink Solder Seal Connectors


26-24 AWG - 150 PCS26-24 AWG - 150 PCS


22-18 AWG - 150 PCS22-18 AWG - 150 PCS


16-14 AWG - 120 PCS16-14 AWG - 120 PCS


12-10 AWG - 100 PCS12-10 AWG - 100 PCS


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EASY TO USE - Simply strip your wires, insert into the solder sleeve and apply heat. Soldered connections are made in seconds

HEAT GUN RECOMMENDED FOR BEST RESULTS - Apply heat with a heat gun while continuously rotating a connector to ensure even heat distribution

IMPROVED TECHNOLOGY - Lower temperature solder will melt faster and prevent burns in the insulation tubing

WATERPROOF - Heat activated adhesive will seal your connection making it waterproof


solder seal connectors red blue yellow white wirefysolder seal connectors low melting temperature color adhesivesuper flexible solder seal butt connectors no crimpingIP67 waterproof solder seal connectors marine humid environment resistant

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Effen Stupid Dipshit
Good stuff

Looks like they will work.

Pros and cons
Great product

Works great I usually use a cigar torch of some kind so I was worried the solder wouldn’t melt before the tube but it did great it made a good solid connection and sealed 👍

Mitchell Hicks

Takes a lot of heat to melt the solder other than that they work ok.

David Steinmetz

Really user friendly.

William Hodges
Solder seal connectors

Product works really well,I’m really impressed with it.