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Heat Shrink Butt Connectors - Butt Terminals

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors - Butt Terminals

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Product Overview

  • Premium Components -Wirefy heat shrink butt connectors are crafted from high quality tinned copper barrels in combination with dual wall heat shrink tubing with adhesive inside. These electrical connectors ensure strong crimps, and seal any wire from the elements.
  • High Quality Thick Copper Barrels - Wirefy butt connectors use thick copper barrels. Once a crimp is done, your wire will not pull out of these wire butt connectors. Have confidence in every connection you make.
  • The Right Butt Connectors For Your Next Project - This value pack includes enough butt connectors to last for several wiring projects. You just need to pick our AWG range.
  • Easy Application - Just make a crimp and apply heat. These crimp butt connectors shrink easily using a heat gun, and create an airtight seal. Marine grade adhesive seals the ends making your connection entirely waterproof.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - We offer limited lifetime warranty on all our heat shrink butt connectors. We are that confident in our product. 


wirefy products connectors heat shrink non-insulated non insulated tubing lug copper butt ring fork

Wirefy heat shrink butt connectors AWG 22-16 12-10 16-14 red blue yellow
Wirefy heat shrink connectors pure tinned copper brazed seams strong crimp solid barrel butt
Wirefy heat shrink butt connectors advanced heat shrink tubing

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors: New Standard in Electrical Wiring

Heat shrink wire connectors turn any electrical wiring job into a fun and highly efficient process. Unlike their vinyl and nylon counterparts, heat shrink butt connectors are able to stand up to the harsh marine and automotive environments.


Heat Shrink Butt Connectors: This Technology Saves You Time

 Simply make the crimp and apply heat. Dual-wall tubing will shrink down. Adhesive will flow and seal the wire ends making your connection waterproof. This technology saves you time and eliminates the need for using heat shrink tubing over the crimp. Insulated butt connectors have been taken to a whole new level.


Butt Connectors with Advanced Heat Shrink Tubing

Dual wall heat shrink tubing was designed to protect your wire connections from harsh environments. The outer wall will protect your butt connection from abrasion, vibrations, chemicals, and salt water. The inner wall has heat activated adhesive that bonds the insulation to the wire, and significantly increases the tensile strength of your connection. Semi-translucent heat shrink tubing allows you to inspect your terminal and have confidence in every electrical connection you make.


Crimp Butt Connectors with Superior Tinned Copper Barrels

Our butt terminal barrels are crafted from a single piece of copper to ensure our butt connectors never split when you crimp them. We have increased the thickness of our crimp butt connector barrels to 1.00mm for Yellow (12-10 AWG), 0.8mm for Blue (16-14 AWG), and 0.8 for Red (22-16 AWG). Thicker copper barrels mean stronger crimps. Best butt connectors ensure your wire will not slip out of the crimp.


 Wire Butt Connectors by Wirefy – Know the Advantages:

- Seamless copper barrels provide stronger wire grips

- Tinned cooper barrels ensure maximum current flow

- Butt connectors are easy to crimp and will not split

- Waterproof connection is ensured by heat activated adhesive inside the heat shrink tubing

- Heat shrink tubing recovers and forms a watertight seal

- No wire damage due to low temperature heat shrink tubing recovery (Recovery starts at 176°F)

- Wide range operating temperature (from -67°F to 257°F)

- Convenient reusable case is included for easy access and storage

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
David Moser
Does the job

Top quality connectors with the heat shrink makes the connection weather proof and more secure!

richard birch
Heat shrink butt connectors

These are the best butt connectors I have ever used
Ready to get rid of all the other connectors that I have!


Good assortment and price


Heat Shrink Butt Connectors - Butt Terminals

Dick Nye

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors - Butt Terminals

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